You may be wondering why this has post involves cats. Well, it may be peculiar for some hotels or pension houses to have a cat inside their room. Mytel is offering a room with a cat. Don’t worry if you’re allergic to it. We start by asking you if you want a room with a cat or without a cat. Here is one review of our first customer who tried availing a room with a cat with him.


“When I checked into  Mytel (which i highly recommend) in Cebu City, they asked me if I wanted a room with cat or without cat. Hoping that the staff didn’t have any naughty meaning that I wasn’t aware of, I said “with cat, please”.

And indeed, a cat was sitting on my bed.


Do you wanna try having a companion with you? They’re very cute and friendly. They can stay as long as you want them around. This is until April 20, 2017. Try the experience now.


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