Top 10 hotels in Cebu

If you are one of those tourists who are looking for hotels to book when visiting Cebu (before, during or after Sinulog), here are 10 Popular Hotels in Cebu, Philippines that you may look into to make your travel experience more fun and safe.

1. Radisson Blu Hotel 

Conveniently located near one of the biggest malls in Cebu and its port area, Radisson Blu is a modern and safe haven overlooking Cebu City and the Mactan Channel.

2. Quest Hotel and Conference Center

A 3-star hotel located near one of Cebu’s largest malls, Quest stands out for its modern and unique interior.

3. Crown Regency Hotel and Towers 

Known as the tallest structure outside Metro Manila, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in Cebu is located in close proximity to the major points of commerce and recreation in the city.

4. Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

With over 300 guests rooms and suites, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is known for its grand and breathtaking view of the mountain and the sea.

5. Harolds Hotel

Located conveniently in one of Cebu’s prime location, Harolds Hotel is a 7-10 minutes walk to Ayala Center Cebu and boasts its state-of-the-art facilities and recreational amenities.

6. Hotel Elizabeth Cebu

Hotel Elizabeth Cebu boasts a wide-array of excellent facilities and convenient location.

7. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Hotel Elizabeth Cebu boasts a wide-array of excellent facilities and convenient location.

8. Cebu Grand Hotel

A combination of quality accommodation, great facilities, and warm services, Cebu Grand Hotel offers reasonable rates for travelers out there.

9. The Henry

Formerly known as The House of Cebu, is a hotel that with character and soul. Each room are designed with uniqueness and artistry.

10. Cebu City Mariott Hotel

Literally a few step-away from Ayala Center, Marriot Hotel is located in Cebu’s upscale financial district with shopping, recreation and leisure activities available.



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